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The Impact of COVID-19

How we used our time in lockdown may surprise you and we're ready to get out there again!

We know that you're probably thinking, Great, another covid message! But we think it's important for us to tell you how covid has hit our industry and what we have done since the last year.

Covid-19 and the government lockdowns have had an adverse affect on the parking industry as a whole. With the government lockdowns stopping people from travelling to work, college or even just going to town, all car parks lost trade overnight. This was a hard pill to swallow for everyone in the industry but there was nothing we could do except support the government restrictions to protect both the NHS and others in our community.

However, here at Total Car Parks we didn’t completely stop working... After all, there is no rest for the wicked! One of our biggest challenges we undertook during lockdown was not learning how to make a TikTok video, but undergoing an entire re-design of our brand.

During the first lockdown we worked on refreshing our branding with new signs, a new website and an entirely new look. Now you can see our signature new colours that will embody our company as a whole. Now we stand out from the crowd in all the right ways!

Another major change we have made is our approach to car park operation, making the process faster for both clients and customers. We have now managed to speed up the process of setting up new sites whilst maintaining our current sites to the highest standards. Even though we have done this internal work, we have always made sure that we never lose sight of the customer in the whole process to make parking as seamless as it can be for everyone.

Most importantly we have been reflecting on why we started in the first place, and that was to give customers the best possible parking experience. So we have been doing maintenance work across our sites, ensuring that upon reopening everyone can have a great experience. All in all we are just excited about getting back to normal and having our normal daily interactions! That is all we have to say about Covid and we are excited for the upcoming return to normality. When the current lockdown measures end in June, we promise to never mention Covid-19 again!


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